When: November 6, 2014 (social 5pm-8pm)
November 7, 2014 (workshop 8am-5pm)

Where: The Port Hawkesbury Civic Centre, 606 Reeves Street, Port Hawkesbury, Nova Scotia

Who should attend?: This workshop is intended for all fishermen, academic researchers, government officials, and non-government organizations in Nova Scotia, particularly the Gulf coast, who have an interest in the effects of climate change on the fisheries and forming collaborations to conduct climate change research. Specifically, we would like to hear observations, questions, and concerns from fishermen related to climate change so that future research may utilize the knowledge held by fishermen and address concerns in the industry.
About the workshop: Climate change, water temperatures, and ocean acidification are already causing changes in the fisheries. Fishermen can be invaluable in providing assistance throughout research projects and when collecting data (i.e. use of their knowledge, time, boats, and other resources). However, it can be difficult to initiate collaboration with fishermen when communication mechanisms do not exist and opportunities to gain local input in research are few and far between. Fishermen have a key role to play in fisheries research and need to be better involved in these initiatives.

There are currently multiple climate change related research projects happening around Atlantic Canada. Fishermen are involved in these projects at different phases. The workshop will provide information on what research is being done, where it is taking place, and who is involved. Most importantly, local fishermen will be able to provide input on the research being done and make suggestions for further collaborative research, in which they can be directly involved. This will aid in keeping research open, transparent, and accessible while also incorporating local knowledge and input into the planning and execution of research projects. The workshop will also offer an opportunity for researchers and fishermen to meet and establish communication lines and a working relationship. Finally, a report will be released to guide future communication and collaboration between researchers and fishermen.

Workshop format: The workshop will consist of panel discussions made up of fishermen, researchers and experts in the fields of climate change, fisheries, and collaborative research. These people will be able to explain the current and projected research in their fields and address questions from the audience. Then all participants will take part in roundtable discussions related to collaborative research. These discussions will directly influence the final report on communication and collaboration between researchers and fishermen.

About the Workshop

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